Complete List of Keyboard Shortcuts



Is there a complete list of the Keyboard Shortcuts that a defined by Default? I looked on the Knowledge Center but did not find an official list from Sketchup team.

The one I have is from various authors and is as follows:

  • Select (Spacebar)
  • Paint Bucket
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Move
  • Rotate (Q)
  • Scale
  • Tape Measure
  • Orbit
  • Zoom
  • Eraser
  • Line
  • Arc
  • Push/Pull
  • Offset
  • Zoom Extends (Shift-Z)

Before I go all crazy and assign other tools to specific keys I was curious if there was an extended list of Keyboard Shortcuts that people are already trying to use or make global for the application.

For instance I would like to assign some shortcuts for the Camera Views: Top, Side, Front, and ISO

Hotkeys in SketchUp 2017
Hotkeys help (shortcuts) - SketchUp Pro 2018
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Customizing Your Keyboard and Mouse in SketchupFree?

SketchUp Help : Quick reference card
These are nice PDF cards that you can print out and paste near your workstation.
(Download links at the bottom of help article.)

Also at any time, you can open the Ruby Console (from the Window menu,) a get a listing of the current shortcuts (aka keyboard accelerators,) that are assigned. Use this Ruby one-liner:

puts Sketchup::get_shortcuts

If you want a hash to lookup:

kb = Hash[{|s| s.split("\t")}]

then you can pretty print it:

pp kb



Very nice. I forgot about the quick reference cards. I have it printed out and on my desk somewhere. Too bad it doesn’t show up when you do a search on help. for “keyboard shortcuts”.

Are there any commonly used kb shortcuts that people tend to use for those functions that are not already assigned by Trimble (default)?


AFAIK there is no comprehensive list of the default keyboard shortcuts.
The Quick Reference Card lists many of them.
You might find these handy:

PrintKeys.rb by Jim Foltz creates a printable list of your shortcuts.
printkeys.rbz (889 Bytes)

And there’s ShortCutsV2.rb which Thomas (tt_su) fixed for us a while back. :slight_smile:
shortcutsV2.rbz (237 Bytes)

Nonetheless, SU’s default shortcuts are merely a starting point for new users.
Experienced users tend to create shortcuts to suit their individual workflow.
At that point what is default and what is user defined rapidly becomes blurred and irrelevant.
What’s important is their shortcuts suit their individual needs and preferences.

I think most users would agree that the ability to setup shortcuts just the way you want is one of SU’s most powerful and endearing qualities.


Hotkeys help (shortcuts) - SketchUp Pro 2018
Shortcut list for sketchup make

Ok. Thanks for that feedback. I just didn’t want to go my own route and then find out later there was an entire extended set that most people try to use.


To me, keyboard shortcuts for these two commands are essential to efficient modeling.

• View > Component Edit > Hide Rest of Model
• View > Component Edit > Hide Similar Components
I assigned Ctrl+H and Alt+H respectively.

Keep in mind it’s the commands that are important, not the particular shortcut keys I assigned to them.
Don’t be too concerned about what others choose to do. The power of SU is you play your own game.
Set things up to suit your individual workflow.



Those are good! I’ve been doing “Hide Rest of Model” using the Layers (photoshop style) extension because I didn’t realize this was a function.

slow and steady should win this race though. maybe others will chime in with their most useful commands and related shortcuts and make this thread a really great resource!


A couple of standard changes I make to the default shortcuts are:

Change the default F for Offset tool to O. True, “O” is preassigned to the Orbit tool, but if you use a three-button mouse you never need to use the Orbit tool anyway. Once the F is freed up, I then assign it to Follow Me, which by default has no shortcut at all.

I also use a shortcut to turn Hidden Geometry on and off: Alt-G (my mnemonic is "alternate graphics). A few others I use: Alt-H for Hide, Alt-E for Erase Guidelines, Alt-P for Paste-in-Place.



Again, focus on what you do and don’t be too concerned about what others do.
When you find yourself repeating a command via the menus it’s a signal to assign a shortcut.



Hello Brian…
From Sketchup: “G” is “Make component” ( in right click menu)
I made “Alt + G” into "Make group.
Meme: G for: Group as component… Alt+G is for: Group as group.
(Meme: “Alt” is “Alternative”)

I collect shortcuts… from people I follow on You Tube…“Sketchup School” for example.
Nice to have the same shortcuts, when they demonstrate and you pause and try.

“Golden rules” now, for me, is:
Use the left hand…for logic operations…
Let the right “mouse”-hand do the creative stuff.

Have most used shortcuts, as “One key”-single clicks…like Sketchup do
My example: “X” for: “X.Ray On / Off”…(a toggle function)

Let 2 fingers of the left hand do the 2 key-button clicks:
My example: Thumb on “Ctrl” + index on “A” for “Select All”.

Ergonomics (for Right handers):
Put as many shortcuts, as possible, near the left side of keyboard

Remember shortcuts in “pictures or memes”…
My example: “W” is “Wipe” for hide(wipe) rest of model… (toggle)
and “Alt + W” is Hide(wipe) similar… (toggle)

Make 2 lists of your shortcuts…(excel)
1 sorted by Name: (what did I choose for “Top View”)
and 1 is sorted by Shortcuts: (what does “F8” do?)
Both have the full path, as extra column: "Camera/Standard Views /Top"
I even made a “keyboard” in Excel…to “See” where stuff is.(3D memory).

PS idea.
One good idea, is, to “Swap” the “Z” to: “Zoom Extents”…
brings you “out”, If you get: “Lost” In Model"…

Greetings for now, hope it is useful…Jakob.


I recently came across this site with a pretty good list of SketchUp keyboard shortcuts and I now use it all the time.


I’ve been away from SU for a while and just discovered that the “traditional” shortcut keys have been changed in SU '18. For instance, F1 is no longer Help, it’s now Push/Pull and the P key does nothing.

Is there a list of the changes available anywhere?


@August, it’s good to see you back here. I think you must have an installation error. F1 still brings up Help and P should still be for Push/Pull.

Go to Preferences>Shortcuts and click on Reset to see if that fixes them.


This reminds me of the issue some user had when all icons were shifted 1 step.


Thanks DaveR. That worked.

Then, in a classic case of “Where’s my … HERE it is!”, after I stopped wrestling with it, and maybe after asking for help, the answer came to me while lying in bed:

I had been working on something where I had been trying to do a kind of free-form follow-me, moving a surface with push/pull without a path, and I had “temporarily” changed the two tools I was using alternately, Rotate and Push/pull, to be under F2 and F1. I finished my experiment, but I forgot to put things back.

Then I spent some months where I was doing all my SU on the v18 beta, so of course that was a parallel, vanilla installation and didn’t have those shortcut changes. Then when the release version of v18 came out and I installed it, those “temporary” shortcuts from the release version of v17 were automatically migrated to v18 and showed up when I started using the non-Beta version.

At least, I think that’s how it happened. In any case, it’s definitely “operator error” in not remembering that I had made that change “temporarily”.

Thanks for jumping in.


Hi August,

That seems like a good and likely explanation.

I thought F1 was a Windows hard-coded shortcut and would have expected that one to revert to Help since it is the standard Help shortcut for most programs. Oh well, it sounds like you’ve got it sorted out. Amazing what comes to us when we are almost asleep. :slight_smile:


F1 may well be hard-coded on Windows. I can’t test it as I’m on a Mac.


Ahh… I should have looked.


Kinda pointless to provide files that people can’t open. Just saying… I am a novice when it comes to this sorta thing so any help you can provide would be appreciated.


Seriously? The files @Geo posted are plugins to be used in SketchUp Make or SketchUp Pro. The post you are referring to was made over three years ago; well before SketchUp Free was even mentioned.

If you are using SketchUp Free as indicated in your profile, the rbz files won’t help you out. You can look at the Quick Reference card to get an idea of the keyboard shortcuts. You can get the Quick Reference card from the link Geo provided.

Based on what you wrote in your profile, you need to be using SketchUp Pro anyway. Then you could use the rbz files that you referenced.