Circle tool will only make pentagons, NOT circles


I’ve been using Sketchup for about a year now, mostly to draw my household and garden building projects. I started having problems for the first time yesterday when I downloaded Make 2016. While attempting to draw a circle I found I was getting only pentagons. I uninstalled and tried again. Nothin’ doin’. So, I went back to Make 2015 and the same problem appeared.
I’d appreciate any tips and guidance.


Any chance you’re picking the Polygon tool instead of the Circle tool and maybe they are hexagons (6-sided) instead of pentagons (5-sided)?

The Circle and Polygon tool icons do look a bit similar.


Is it possible that you set the number of sides for your circles to 5?If so, SketchUp would recognize them as circles, but they would look like pentagons:


To be clear, the Polygon tool and the Circle tool are pretty much the same thing, you just start with 24 segments when you choose the Circle tool but you could change the number to whatever you wish.

If you’re using the Circle or the Polygon tool just try changing the number of sides as Aaron suggested above. Note that you can just type 6s or 20s or 48s after drawing the shape and it will change the number of sides to whatever you typed.


WOW! Never knew. Like so much of this technology if it allows me to do the simple stuff I’m involved with then I hardly ever look underneath the hood. I solved the problem by doing as you suggested.
You folks are great. Thanks.