NEED Help please! Issue with the shapes edges


I am hopeful that there is a solution for this issue I am having.

I DO understand that this is a big HUGE request and that it may be too much to ask. :frowning:

After following to a T several dozen instructional videos on YouTube and tutorials on these Sketchup forums, it appears that this very well COULD be too much to ask.

Full disclosure:

It is a totally unreasonable request, I do realize this. But, can’t hurt to ask.

So, my question is:

Is it possible, in Sketchup to do the following:

Make a circle……….

Look like………

A circle?

It is a complex shape, I get it. So I’ll try not to get my hopes up.

While I DO find The Pentagon to be a very interesting building, and I can see quite a lot of value in the design of that building (I understand there to be an outdoor space in the center if so I’d put a greenhouse and a BBQ there)…

While I can appreciate the design of our Nation’s great and noble Pentagon:

I simply wish to draw an actual circle in this particular project which involves actual circles.

I am quite confused by the fact that in the toolbar it shows a clickable button that looks like a circle. I can only assume that the developers of Sketchup used a difference software to draw that actual circle on the “Circle” button?

*I do see that some of the previous responses point out that the circles are divided into segments. While I appreciate that info, I DID notice that the circles are divided into segments (in fact that was the reason I came to the Help Community initially.

So, when someone is asking why circles don’t look like circles, it doesn’t help to in response point out that the circles are not circles.

Also, I have seen it suggested to draw the very large number of circles in my model all over again:

Well, I was sort of hoping for a REASONABLE solution. I realize that computing power is quite limited these days, and my computer only has 32GB of RAM as well as a SSD, but:

Still I am clinging onto the hope that it MAY be possible to make previously drawn pentagons turn into circles. If I have to build a render farm in order to process such massive volumes of data, then well just let me know gotta do whatever it takes.

Thank you,


p.s. I am using Sketchup Pro, but is there like a “SUPER PRO” version which makes circles which look like circles?

p.p.s. I apologize if this request is out of left field. I do realize that I might be the only person on Earth who would like for my circles to look like circles, so I can see why the developers haven’t made circles a priority over the years.

Anyway, hoping for good news.

Sketchup is a surface modeler and uses straight lines and planar faces to build geometry, and therefore circles are made up of segments. But you already know that.
True arcs and circles can be exported for use in other software if needed.
If this isn’t appropriate for your workflow perhaps another software would be better for you.


Hello thank you. Please forgive my tone, for some reason writing satirically can be a good outlet (and a much better alternative to punching holes in the walls) when my circles look messed up.

It is a finished model:

I have seen folks “divide” circles to 100 points, do you know how this is done?

Even though is a surface modeler, 100 points to circles would be quite adequate in this case.

(p.s. It is a subwoofer with the outer edges are very angular and I’m not too into those Cerwin Vega subs too much, I find the subwoofers which are circles work better with my circle jig.

Select the circle tool, type 100 and hit enter. All subsequent circles will have 100 segments until you change it or open a new session.
96 would be a better number as it is divisible by 4 and 12 giving you native access to the cardinal points as long as you pull your circles out on axis.


You can also change the number of segments in a circle [or arc] immediately after making it, by typing 96s + enter, for example.
Also you can select a circle [or arc] later on, and you can change its number of segments in Entity Info.

An issue arises if you have used your circle [or arc] to make a 3d extrusion or other form, or if you have somehow split it into arcs, or exploded it into lines. Then its ‘segmentation’ is fixed and unchangeable.


No idea of how you want your woofer, but here is a basic concept from my memory of what a speaker looked like way back when.


Thank you I appreciate it

Awesome thank you very much

So, simple questions with relevant details, images and model, are worth 1000 words when it comes to getting answers.
Glad we got you going in the right direction so far.

A little tip, if you have models that have been made with too few segments, you can take a slice and use it as a follow me to make things smoother.