New to SketchUp - how do I make these shapes?

Shapes.pdf (102.8 KB)
I’d be really grateful if some kind expert out there could knock out these shapes for me and add them to 3D warehouse with a tag I can find… I am spending too long on this simple element as I am totally new to SketchUp - I just need the attached shapes which I can import into Live Interior… please show me how or tell me you’ve made my day by doing them for me… thank you :slight_smile:

for any given circle you need to express its radius as a chord, so you are creating an equilateral triangle, six of which forms a hexagon inside the circle. In Sketchup you can change a circle segments to six and draw within the original circle, then rotate an arc to suit.

So create a circle and nominate say 360 sides. Make it a group then draw the same on top, plus a six sided circle at the same center, delete the unwanted geometry then rotate two arcs remaining into place, explode the circle group.

pushpull one side, make it a group, same other…done

Do these look like they’d do the job?


@DaveR Thank you for these - sorry for the delay, as I was a first timer my account was on hold and unable to reply. The shapes look perfect. Are you able to upload them to Trimble or here or something? I’m wondering how you got them to be so perfectly in proportion as my examples were etc??? I’ve since figured out how to make a square with a curve cut out etc but not perfectly the right shape for the disk shape I can make…?

I’m glad the shapes look right. Drawing them wasn’t terribly difficult with all the different examples shown in your PDF. It kind of reminded me of one of those IQ tests in which you have to figure out what comes next in the pattern. :slight_smile:

I have the file on my computer at home. I’ll upload it when I get off work.

That’s brilliant - much appreciated.

Here’s the SKP file. I don’t know what size you wanted them to be so they may be too big. They can easily be resized if needed, though.
Shapes.skp (115.5 KB)

Thanks again. Is there a way to specify their sizes exactly, where I can TYPE their proper L x W x H and it adjusts size automatically? Like in LiveInteriorDesign 3D Standard you can enter the object’s dimensions rather than dragging the size…?

In the case of this model, use the Tape Measure tool. Measure the distance between two points such as the corners of the square component. Make sure you click at each corner. Then type the desired length and hit enter. You’ll be asked if you want to change the size. Click the affirmative answer and you should be all set.

After you resize them, right click on one of each of the different components and choose Scale Definition from the Context menu.