Solid Hexagon to circle

Hi. I’m a real beginner to Sketchup so I know this is drawn incorrectly which is my first issue. I’m trying to create a shell shape which goes from a hexagon to a circle, nothing inside, just a 1mm thick shape all the way through so I can 3 D print. It looks a bit like this. Can anyone help?

Hexagon to circle.skp (99.8 KB)

Please upload a SKP file or image - your link is wrong ?
Edit: it eventually loaded !

There are extensions like Fredo’s Curviloft which would do it easily.
But you could do it by hand [aka stitching] - choose a circle with sides a multiple of 6.
Let’s say 12.
Draw lines from the vertices of the hexagon, and mid-point of the sides to the corresponding vertices on the circle.
Then draw in diagonals to form faces.
Once all the faces are made you should have the form going from a circle to a polygon.
To make it smoother used a more segmented circle, but this will increase the drawing work…

Thanks TIG didn’t see that. Attached now

Does Curviloft work on the Sketchup App as an extension?

No extensions for the web app, that’s the trade-off.

I thought I could create a standard cone shape, cut the top off and then play with the bottom to make a hexagon but that’s poving just as difficult.

Here’s the best I could come up with:
Hexagon to circle.skp (109.5 KB)
I left the “iterations” so you could see the process. What you’ve got now should be manifold enough to 3D print.

As for making it hollow, that’s something you can work out in your slicer settings.

Manual stitch.
GIF 3-04-2024 11-20-20 PM


If you are using the app rather than v2017 you can’t use extensions.
So you’ll have to do it manually as I described…
@Box beat me to it with his gif…

That’s brilliant Box, thanks so much I’ll give it a go

Thanks TIG much appreciated

Doesn’t seem to be working for me in terms of when I’ve reversed face and then erased the lines it doesn’t leave a plane it just deletes everything. Am I missing a stage?

Note the little extra bit on the eraser icon, that appears when I tap ctrl, it smooths rather than erases.

Ah right, yep that works, thanks. Re the next part I presume this is a protractor you set at the top, how are you able to duplicate that shape to the right (get the 5x bit after). Is this CTRL as well?

Thanks Dave, understood.

I use both free app and the 2017 by the way.

I got a response immediately so can’t complain about not getting a response “much more quickly”. Like I said I get the message but maybe your responses could have been a less direct it doesn’t portray a friendly atmosphere imo, especially to newbies.

Not trying to be unfriendly. I’m sorry you misunderstood. I’m as happy as anyone to volunteer my time to help others learn to use SketchUp.

If you use sketchup make 2017 with curviloft, you could get better results.

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