Make model SOLID for 3D printing

Hi, i’m trying to make my first 3d printed object but i dont know how to make the dome in the file attached a solid object.

First, you have a nested component. Explode the outer component container. Then, to make it solid, open the component and trace an edge with the Line tool. That’ll close the bottom face and result in a solid.

Is that what you want? If not, please be more specific about what you do want for the final result.

Note the hexagonal pattern you’ve drawn on the surface won’t show in the 3D printed object. Edges have no thickness. If you want them to show, you’ll need to draw them as 3D; grooves or ridges.

Hi Dave, the guy from the 3d printing company said i should make it a concave solid and not full cause it will cost a lot otherwise.
I would love to see the hexagonal patter, not sure how to do that either.
Thanks for trying to help me !

Having sorted out the materials, style etc so I could see face orientation, I then over-drew an edge to add a base and make it a solid form.
I edit>copied that solid group, edit>paste-in-place, so it overlaid exactly.
I then cut a section temporarily so that I can work inside.
Then scaled the copy holding Ctrl so is became a centered inner surface, to add a wall thickness.
I edited the inner surface-group and selected all, then used context-menu > reverse… so the faces are oriented the right way round.
The left-hand one in the image is a solid with a base.
The right-hand one is a copy, where I selected the top face of the flat base and use Move constrained in the blue so that it snapped onto the bottom face.
I then selected this single skin and deleted it.
The resultant dome is still a solid, but now has no base.

If you want to use the hexagon form with the divisions showing the you need to decide on the form and apply that to each facet individually - bearing in mind that the lower facets are distorted to make the geodesic work, and that any applied ‘framing’ still needs to leave the form as a ‘solid’…

TIG that look perfect ! could you attach the .skp ?
Many thanks TIG and DaveR

You will need to create geometry for them to see them after 3D printing, e.g. with Fredos Joint Push Pull plugin.

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You’re right, i did eventually figured out how to do it, so many thanks TIG for teaching me how to fish :slight_smile:

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