Trying to print a complex lattice, but can't seem to get it solid

Hi im really struggling to get this lattice as a solid and then seperated into quarters so it will fit my print bed. The best ive managed to do is just a straight hexagonal lattice which whilst looks OK doesnt really do what I want it to do

attached is the model with what ive managed to do and what im trying to achieve any suggestions/help would be appreciated

No attachment.

for some reason it wont upload

uploaded it to 3d warehouse

31 mb is pretty big, still uploading.
Try going Window/Model info/Statistic and click the Purge unused button.
Then see how big it is.

my bad, purged file is 17mb ive replaced the original link with the new one

You have lots of reversed faces,internal faces, stray edges etc that make the whole thing a mess.
You might be better off working the hexs as 2d then use joint pushpull for thickness.

Or create the shape you want and a structure of hex cylinders in the right layout that you can intersect with the shape.

thank you very much, i’ll give it a go and see what happens

I had a bit of a fiddle, starting with a solid hex grid, made from multiple hex components and outer shell, then bent the top over with Fredo’s Radial Bend and curved the other way with Thomthom’s True Bend. I ended up with various printable components. I’ve not attempted to replicate your shape, just a rough concept to give you some ideas.


thank you for the reply, I spent the day working on it but couldnt get everything to work together so have just decided to print the closest form. I guess I would need to use a software like blender for it since its more of an organic shape?

your model looks good
because it is symmetrical
perhaps you could split it into (1) quarter section
then open a new model and insert the pieces into the new model and reassemble them together again
then scale it up for example if the hex is 1" then scale the whole model by 4x so each hex is now 4"
then on the 3D printed scale it back down on the printer by 25% for example

i honestly have not worked with 3D printing
although the printers and software on the market and quite sophisticated and can do a lot

good luck

give it a try

happy 3D modeling everyone!!!

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While sitting in the hospital waiting for my ancient mother to wake after having a new hip bolted in, flowify came to mind.
Here is a quick example, you may need to watch a few tutorials and experiment to get your head around how it works but It may be a good solution for you.