First sketch, almost there.BUT... file attached

I am new to sketchup, I like it so far, seems like it will be easier to learn that most other software. I have completed my first model. However I cannot get the part inside the circle to be solid when I export to .stl to print.
( it is a blade guard for a drone)
Thanks in advance for your help.

new1.skp (231.5 KB)

Not a bad start but…

You will probably want to install Thom Thom’s Solid Inspector2 from the Extension Warehouse and use it on your components. Here’s what I get when running it on this one.

There’s a lot of bad geometry that needs to be cleaned up. Solid Inspector can do some of it but not all. You’ll also need to correct face orientation so all white front faces are out.

Also, do you really want that step at the transition from the arc to the flat?

One thing you would find useful is to increase your precision and turn off length snapping in Window>Model Info.

I took a few minutes and redrew it. Since your dimensions were weird due to the lack of precision when you were modeling, my dimensions may not be correct.

FWIW, I uploaded the model to SHapeways out of curiosity as a test of printability. Looks like it should print. The curved rim at the top needed to be thickened a bit, though.

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SU comes with another way to create a printable file - upload the model to the 3D Warehouse. There’s an option to fix files and produce a printable STL. SU had partnered with iMaterialize for them to provide that service.

Though it’s a good idea to recognize what’s need while modeling.

Yes. That’s true. I tried uploading to iMaterialise but got an error message saying they couldn’t process the file at the moment. I got the same message using a simple cube, too, so I’m sure it isn’t the model. I could have uploaded it to the warehouse temporarily, too.

Wow guys, thank you for the reply and the effort. I will definitely try those extensions. I think I’ll be using Thom’s Solid Inspector2 will be handy.
I might grab a copy off one of the sites you mentioned as this is for my brother in law, (he got his first drone for xmas and has not been able to fly it.) I can print one while I work on learning this program.

The issue I am having is orientation. Everything seems to be floating in space and throws me off. Probably just have to get used to it. I did try an extension where it drops the object to the bed or “bottom” but they never seem to move. It was “DropGC” I believe.

The other issue is fine tuning the design, I think it might be the snapping to axis you mentioned. in which case will be solved when I get back to it. But I find that when I try to move an object to a spot it is not as smooth and kind if skips where I actually what it to go.

Well back to it for me, thanks again for the great responses.

Happy new year.

How did you make such a smooth arc? Mine are always angled on the inside? Low poly sort of.

Thanks for the tips above by the way. Redoing the model with them in mind and its going way better.

When you get the Arc or Circle tool but before you start to draw with it, the measurements box displays the number of sides. You can change that value by typing a new one. I tend to stick with values that are divisible by 12. For example, the part with the notch to fit around the motor started as a 48-sided circle. That was the most I used for any of the curves.

There’s no need to go crazy with the number. The higher the number of sides, the shorter each segment is. There is a limit to how short you can make them without creating problems.