Problem - how to make a model solid =(

Hi guys can someone help me witch model wich i done.I have a problem to make this model solid and export it as STL file to 3d print.
This is car lamp part,in advance thanks for help,and sory for my english,I don’t speak so good=)

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got going on.

Likey it’s too small and you’re running into SketchUp’s tiny face thing.

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Thanks for response,where i Can find this file,i must have a extension to get this file?

Look where you saved the file. It’s just the SketchUp model file. No extension required to get it.

Looks like the file is called Bez nazwy.

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Bez nazwy.skp (213.3 KB)

Ok i think this is it

That’s it. Hang on bit and I’ll look at it.

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Tkank you so much,i m beginner and i don’t have any ideas how to fix this=)

Actually, from what I see you don’t really need to fix anything. All of bottom level objects are identified as solid and it seems to work fine for 3D printing. I use i.materialize to test .stl files. This is what I got.

Bez nazwy.stl (159.3 KB)

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Ok,thank you so much for help, tomorow i will try to print this fortests,i must lern a lot of sketchup=)

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There are a couple small issues with the model.
The fin looking parts are not aligned equally.

And the round parts may not print as expected because of their alignment.

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Good catch. I didn’t look at that. Was just looking for solids.


Here’s a link with an explanation of the short edges in Solid Inspector2.

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Hi guys i remake this part what you think about this
Case back.skp (337.7 KB)

A couple of components with a bunch of internal faces to fix.

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■■■■ i broke it;P


When i click the model it show me Short edges,i can remove this by solid inspector;P

Perhaps you could give the follow me tool a try. If you can draw the profile, it should produce a better part.
See the setup below, three steps from left to right.

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Short edges don’t stop something from being solid, that message is more of a warning that you are working with something very small. You can turn off the short edges warning, or adjust the size at which it reacts by right clicking on your model while Solid inspector is active.