Need help to make model solid

can someone look at this model and check why this doesn’t want to by solid?nozzle.stl (92.2 KB)

Here you go, try this.
Solid fix

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Just drawing a healing line would fix it too. After drawing a line from that corner you can erase the two lines that are not needed.

Don’t know why,but I can’t make it work

Are you using the Web Version or the desktop version?

Try importing the .stl as meters.

Web version

As i edited above, I think it is probably a scale issue. Import the stl as meters and see how you go.

in metres it consists from triangles and editing it is illogical :slight_smile:

All .stl are made of triangles.
Did you make the model in sketchup or are you starting from the .stl?

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I made it in sketch up from the begining

Ok, then how about showing me the sketchup model instead of the .stl.

in another format?
how I can show it to you?

I’m going to guess that you have drawn the model in mm, this is very small for sketchup. If you scale the original model up by 100 you should be able to fix the error, then scale it down again.

I meant download the sketchup file and attach that here. You do that from the folder icon top left, but never mind.

OK :slight_smile:nozzle.skp (662.0 KB)

Try this.
Nozzle Box.skp (1.8 MB)

It works :smiley: thank you so much!
Did you scale it, like you said or it just works on your program :slight_smile: ?

I scaled it in the web version by 100, then I actually exploded it back to raw geometry and immediately remade it into a component, then used solid inspector to remove one stray edge and one tiny edge.

Thank you, if not your help, i would probably have to make the element again.
And I can finally go to sleep now :slight_smile: .

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