Help with my first model please

I have created a model that I want to 3d print but when I process it to print the hole in the face disappears and the holes underneath just disappear, the inside of the model shows as grey and the outside has turned red, I am lost as to what to do now to get it to print.
A.stl (219.0 KB)

Would you please upload the .skp file you used to generate the .stl file you uploaded already? We can do a lot more with it than with the .stl file.

AutoSave_Richards design hotend.skp (256.2 KB)

Any help is appreciated, I’m new to this and although I have my design I cant get it to print, everytime it loses the fan hole and also underneath it loses the outlet air hole

Many Thanks

To begin with, there are a lot of geometry errors that prevent your model from being considered “solid” by Sketchup. And .stl export routines don’t work well with non-solid inputs!

Take a look at your part from the bottom and you’ll should immediately see the biggest problem - a missing face. The same problem exists with the angled front face - the one with the big hole and 4 smaller holes around it - the back side of those have no face to make it into a sub-part with thickness.

There are other, harder to find problems (stray edges - mostly). Best way I’ve found is to use @thomthom’s Solid Inspector 2 - available in the Extension Warehouse.

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