STL import, can't repair solid correctly even with solid inspector²


Hi all,

I often import STL files for minor modifications for 3D printing.

On a lot of models, there’s no importation problem, but sometimes, the STL is not repaired correctly, and a lot of meshes are empty. Even if I try to repair with Solid inspector, I can’t get a solid, or I have to fill one by one the hundreds holes left.

Am I doing something wrong?


You might try importing with units set to meters.

Where is the STL file coming from? Do you know for sure it doesn’t have any errors already?


It is a small part imported from thingiverse. I already printed it and no error was raised by the slicer.
My unit is set as millimeters.


Tiny faces fail to form in sketchup, when you import the .stl use a larger unit then scale it down, or export it at a smaller unit.


Then import it at a larger size to avoid the tiny face issue. After you import it, run CleanUp3 to clean up the unneeded coplanar edges. Modifying the model and fixing any errors that may remain will be easier.


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