Import an STL and it is corrupt


It seems like almost any STL file I import becomes corrupt except for very simple ones.
I can print the orig file. If I import it, it “repairs geometry”.
When I inspect it, it is corrupt. If I export it I need to send it to model repair to be able to print it.
Why does importing mess it up? Do I need a diff importer?

SU 2015 make
SimLab STL importer (free version)


have you tried a larger ‘import’ unit e.g. meter, you can scale back down after modifications and repairs, before exporting…

there is also SU own STL import/export in the Extension Warehouse…



John is probably right on the money. The typical objects in a 3D printer file have features small enough to trigger SketchUp’s small geometry issues. An importer has the same problems with SketchUp merging nearby vertices as you do when you draw manually. The workaround is the same too: scale the model up for import by specifying a large unit.


I guess what I was using was SUs version. I didn’t realize the SimLab had not been registered.
How do u set the scale on SU?


never mind, I found the option button and set it to meters and everything looks good.
thx much…Right again…