Problems importing STL files


I am using Sketchup-stl for importer on SU make 2015.3.331 and having a lot of problem importing stl files.

Very simple models do not seem to be an issue when using cm or m scale. Without it problems exist. When I get to larger more complex models SU may crash with a bug splat unless I terminate it b4 it does because I think it is taking tooooo long.
It may import the model with a lot of problems even though I use cm or m. I do not know what dimensions were used in the design. If I load the orig stl in Repetier it is good. If I load the model into SU then export the stl and load that to Repetier it is not manifold. It needs to be fixed. Sometimes I can fix it with SU plugins. Most times I have to resort to netfabn on the inet.

What is the problem???


Hi BIll,

Can you link, or post an .stl file you are having trouble importing?


this is a zip file of the whole model. the legs import fine, the body and head r a problem.


SketchUp simply can not handle geometry at the small sizes in this .stl file. You must import these .stl files at Meter scale or SketchUp will fail to create the small faces without warning making the import non-solid.

Large models can take a long time to import. Disable the “Merge Coplanar Faces” option to minimize import time. People have reported large models taking 3-4 hours to import. If SketchUp is not responding and did not Bug Splat, you need to give it more time.

For reference, here is a link to the SketchUp model of the imported parts. I used Meters for the import. Each part took under a minute to import.