Import problems with STL-File




today I installed SkethUp Make with the PlugIn SkethUp STL.

The import function of stl files is in the import section available but the programm is hanging - nothing happens.
Only the “clock” (blue rotating circle) I can see, but after 20 Minutes I close the programm.

Has anybodey an idea what I can do to open the file?

Kind regards, Lars


Do you try to open a huge file (link?)? You can tr< to open the STL in another program and see how many geometry is in there (e.g. Meshlab).


Depending on what created it, an stl file can contain a vast amount of geometry. How large is the file you are importing? It takes SketchUp a considerable amount of time to import a file with hundreds of thousands of facets or more. 20 mins isn’t out of reason.


do you have a link to the file?

try using meters for the import setting as tiny faces can make SU crawl and or fail…



I wish stl would be standard for this program, I am having some odd issues as well. Cannot load many stl files. it keeps trying to clean them up or some dumb thing.

If .stl files do not work, this software is useless for me and 3D printing


@Tom_Neverwinter: otherwise we won’t be able to help you too…




The 2 files siztes are between 10 and 15 MB.


I had to scale it by 1000 on import as it a very dense mesh, but i came in ok…
if imported in inch or mm these sizes will cause issues…
============== Size ==============
Min X = -7.154811, Max X = 7.154000
Min Y = -6.734457, Max Y = 243.369781
Min Z = -18.930080, Max Z = -4.617066
========= Facet Status ========== Original ============ Final ====
Number of facets : 201089 201090
Facets with 1 disconnected edge : 3 0
Facets with 2 disconnected edges : 0 0
Facets with 3 disconnected edges : 0 0
Total disconnected facets : 3 0
=== Processing Statistics === ===== Other Statistics =====
Number of parts : 1 Volume : 8907.813477

It has some errors on the base preventing it being a solid…
I ran it through admesh which added one edge. [took 10 seconds]

once prepared, import went fine on my mac…

Image upload is broken at the moment…



STL printing and Rendering other formats / thumbnails on 3dwarehouse is down. Trying to get it restarted now. I’ll write back here when we get it.