Importing STL file with "SketchUp STL"


I’m not able to import an STL file . I have tried many STL files but keep getting apple’s rotating color wheel and have to force quit it after 15 min

Can anyone assist ?

Depending on the geometry, stl imports can take a long time.
I had one recently that took 12 hours.

I’m trying to import 30 mb stl files which were designed on Rhino
Is Sketchup not suitable for STL as Rhino or other software?
Is there any solution?

How many polygons?

Also, there might be an issue if you import with a scale that makes it really small - as you then hit the lower limit of how large edges and faces can be in SketchUp before they start merging. If that happen the importer might get stuck trying to merge everything.

I’d try to import it in a scale that makes it come in at a larger dimension.