Please Please help me! Solid Issues

Hello All,

I am fairly new to Sketch up… had some fairly good results going into VR and printing through cura! I am very much a novice though so would really appreciate some advice if possible.

i have been trying to create a small model car at keyring size. When i say I have spent 4 days solid on it I mean it. It has sent me to the forum for my first post. I must have 100 different versions saved. I have tried repairing in mesh mixer and microsoft too.

I basicly want a shell of the outside of the car in low detail so i can print a small model. I have tried to hollow the shape/ make it solid. I then need to export as stl or obj. I have used soild inspector and clean up 3. Im sure someone could do this in about 5mins.

Would anyone be willing to look at the file/s for me and explain how they would approach the task. Id be willing to send the a drink for your time.

thanks so much!

You haven’t really said what the actual problem is, or perhaps I just haven’t understood it.

You do need to upload the file if you want specific advice.

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What file? you need to attach the model file to your post for us to look at it.

My guess is that you work in such a small scale that you run into all sorts of problems with no faces formed. Work at enlarged scale and resize in the end.

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bentley10.skp (6.3 MB)

Hi I have put one of the files here.

I wanted to give it as a gift, I could have bought it for a 5er but it wouldn’t be the same. When i come to print i get holes in the model, but it is reasonable.

i just want a basic shell of this so i can print and infill. I can stop crying myself to sleep then! or maybe there is a more elegant solution that you guys can think of?


Thats not an easy and fast job. You must separate all parts in single groups.
Then you must make them solid with plugins like JointPushPull or by adding of meshes.
3d files mostly made for rendering and not for 3d printing- means they have no thickness and overlapping meshes.

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RIGHT…thats why i have been having such a pig of it! Is there no way to just copy the outer shell?

I did use mesh mixer to make a solid version but kept getting holes in the rear bumper and couldn’t add material too it.

i was hoping there would be a tip or trick but never mind. ill have to let it go!

thanks for taking the time to look

First thing to do would be to scale the model up to actual size, even if you plan to scale it back down again before printing.

Then you need to check for holes or other defects that stop it being classed as a “solid”. In SU speak, a solid is a void contained by unbroken surfaces.

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Thanks Simon. I will certainly have a go but I think it is out of my skillset at the minute. I find it really hard working with the mesh (lines everywhere) if i scale it down on cleanup it really distorts it. Maybe one day I will be able to do it. I will have a go though and maybe I get lucky! thanks

If you attach the one you mention ,mesh mixer, that only has holes in it someone may be able to fix it for you.
I’m on phone in a pub so I can’t but many here could look at it.

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I would love to but I have about 10 and they are all 150mb+

they wont load on here :frowning: thank you for the suggestion though

sort of speaking my language …

Where did you find the original? Can you attach that one or a link to it for others to look at it.

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I have tried pretty much every design for the convertible in the 3d warehouse. Not sure how to go about sending you a link. I could put them all in a skp file if it would be helpful? thanks

How lucky you are, you can go to the pub … :thinking: :beers:

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Hi Guys i think this may have been an original one i found on the web if anyone thinks it may work. i have left it untouched for now. (10.0 MB)

This one (all be it not quite the right car) is actually a 3d model. When i imported it 2 wheels and a door on the passenger side (uk) were missing. i copied and pasted from the other side, flipped then put them into position. solid inspector shows an error on these parts would it be easy to make these part of the rest of the model?

thanks guys