Can someone help make my shapes solid

Hi there i have these two shapes which I need to be solid I’ve tried using some tools but it didn’t work, would anyone be able to help thank you! much appreciated
curved.skp (575.1 KB)

Tiny little hole in the first one.
Screenshot - 11_7_2021 , 12_54_00 PM

The other one:

how do i remove internal face edges

You have to open up the group for editing and work on the geometry. Hiding the bottom face would help. I’m trying to fix that group but it’s pretty awful as it is. You would do well to model in meters instead of millimeters. Make that part so it’s 69 meters wide instead of 69 mm. That will help you avoid the tiny face issue along with some other problems.

How big are the holes through that thing supposed to be?

Do you have some sort of dimensioned drawings you are working from for these things. The geometry needs a lot of help and it’s difficult to reconstruct what it probably should be. For example, the holes through that part aren’t circular but instead have a sort of serrated edge.

as long as the dimensions are more or the less the same as what they are now it should be fine, the holes are supposed to all be equal with a radius of 6.4mm

There’s so much wrong with that object I think it would be easier to redraw it than to fix it.

I’ve redrawn that part from scratch. Hopefully it’ll work for you. I only made the other part a solid and did not remodel it.

Export the .stl file with the export units set to Meters.
curved.skp (402.5 KB)

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okay thank you anyway

thank you so so much!