Struggling with Solids

Hi all,

I’ve a new user to Sketchup and can’t for the life of me make my model a solid.

I’ve been through hours of tutorials, removed all stray lines I could find but still can’t get the result.

I don’t know if I can achieve this using Sketchup Free and I’m just missing something or if I need to upgrade to Shop to unlock additional solid actions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance.

Just a side note, when viewing the model, the walls should be 30mm with a hollow in the middle to save resin.

Kind Regards


test.stl (30.5 KB)

The .stl that you have attached is a solid.
It would be more helpful to attach the .skp file. Use the download option to save it to your computer then drag and drop into a message.
Could it be that you simple aren’t making your geometry a group or component? SU only sees things as solid when they are ‘wrapped’.


Thank you so much for the speedy response, yes I’m definitely making the geometry a group and then a component.

I’ll remember to always upload the .skp file in future.

Bridge Abutments.skp (1.0 MB)

I hate to say it, but i opened it, Clicked solid inspector, it told me it had one stray edge, click fix and it was a solid.
Solid inspector is the bottom right icon in the web version.

Ha! Typical - I’ll always take an easy fix with a lesson for the future gladly!

Thank you so much, I obviously need to learn how to use solid inspector properly.

That shall be my next tutorial.

Many thanks once again.


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No worries, not sure solid inspector in the web version has the fix button, but it will certainly show you the errors by highlighting each in red for you.

Hmmm, it appears that I have to upgrade in order to use it at all.

Don’t suppose you could describe where that stay is and I can fix it manually?

Maybe an upgrade to Shop is necessary for me going forward, just a bit of an expense for what is essentially a tool I use for my model railway hobby.

Sorry my mistake, I thought Solid inspector was available in the free version, but I guess it’s the shop version.
You may want to look at the last free desktop version SU2017 Make. It will run Extensions.

The stray edge is very small.

That worked a treat!

Once again thank you for your assistance.

I need to either commit to Shop or stick with 2017 going forward from what I can see.

Have a great weekend.


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