Inspect my solid?

Can anyone with a solid inspector take a look at mine I want to 3d print and see if there are issues? ( I can see there are because Prusaslicer is not doing a great job) I’d be very grateful!
mk4 tray (6).stl (38.6 KB)

The type of file needs to be a skp. The stl file does not appear to be a sketchUp model.

STL files are not SketchUp model files. If you want us to help you with your SketchUp file, share it. The .stl file doesn’t really help because importing it into SketchUp can create issues that are not present in your model.

mk4 tray.skp (140.5 KB)
Sorry hows this?

Yes that works.

So first, you need to eliminate the internal faces and edges under the ramp.

Screenshot - 4_23_2024 , 8_00_10 AM

Then make the tray without the bars into a component or group, it’ll report as solid your slicer should like it much better.

Choose an X-ray style to help you see inside the geometry. Also learn what it takes for an object to be considered solid and 3D printable. A component or group must have the following

No stray edges
No holes in surfaces
No internal faces
All faces correctly oriented

If you are going to stick with SketchUp Free and intend to do more models for 3D printing, you’ll have to learn to find those things and fix them if they occur. Note that I didn’t even bother with Solid Inspector. I just used my eyes.

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ok ill make a start on it. I am tempted to pay, if it makes my life easier!

mk4 tray (1).skp (179.1 KB)
Hows this?

Certainly you could upgrade to SketchUp Go and have Solid Inspector but even so, you should learn how to create solid objects. When you understand what goes into creating solids that are 3D printable, you’ll find that the modeling process is easier and you have less work to do.

In the case of your model I can imagine what your workflow was to create that ramp but it’s also possible to create it without generating any of the internal geometry in the first place so there’d be less to clean up.

Looks like it’ll work.

This is what my cleaned up version looks like in the slicer. No errors or problems to fix. Should be the same in yours.

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Yes it looks better, are you familiar with prusaslicer? This is the result, its nearly 1 day less than the first attempt lol

Just to avoid confusion I must point out that the bars and tray are separate groups nested inside a single component. SketchUp will never see such a nesting as being a solid, even if the individual parts are solids. However, many slicers have no issue with such nests.

Thanks for the help. Its much better. I will upgrade to go anyway.

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Lunar Spacer (1).skp (45.5 KB)
Dave if you are free for a mo again, I am now playing with Solid Inspector now I’ve upgraded, but I’ve an issue here I can’t figure out, it’s saying I have external faces/stray geometry but I can’t see what the problem is. Even prusaslicer won’t let it print but no errors.

This is an example of why I wrote that you need to learn to recognize the issues that prevent an object from being considered a solid. Solid Inspector is confused by the faces where the lege meets the side of the case. The bottom edge is not intersecting the vertical wall. Note the heavy Profile edge there.

Another thing that is confusing it is the softened diagonals.

How did you go about modeling this thing?

ok cool, i removed the bottom face of that ledge and pulled the top one down. now its linked up to the face, but now

it wants to erase the whole of the front face lol.
these softened diagonals are arcs I made when making the corners rounded.

OK, i tried a few things and added some lines to the corners to demarcate them on the ledge. Now I have different issues.

It’s indicating problems because your shelf isn’t probably intersected with the box.

You deleted the face that I just hid so you could see inside. You also have incorrectly oriented faces and the surface still skinning where the shelf is. I’ll record a video showing how I would model it as soon as it’s processed.

Thanks, it seems there was an anomaly during the first arcs that has caused an issue. I have tried for hours using follow me, but kept hitting brick walls.

Did you see the video I sent you in the PM?

Sorry I wasn’t aware of a PM, will take a look now:-)