Still not a solid



Hi, I’m at my wit’s end… Solid inspector 2 says it’s solid, and I’ve spent hours deleting stray edges… but it still refuses to be a solid :frowning: Help!N-whole3-30x.skp (1.5 MB)

Export SketchUp files to STL

Hi Lyn,

There’s a tiny hole that’s keeping the component from being a Solid.
See this copy of your model.
N-whole3-30x_Fix.skp (230.2 KB)


You can do that in a second with this plugin: CleanUp³


That would indicate you imported the file into SU vs. simply opening the model file.
There’s but one instance in the model.


Oh Wow how did you find that?! Thank you!!


Oh boy life saver. Thank you!


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