Solid inspector 2 says solid but sketchup says it isnt!

Any advice to solve this problem manually, I can’t upload the file because it is more than 16mb
NOT A SOLID.skp (191.0 KB)

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Did you use the Purge command? The model in the image should certainly not have more than a few KB.

For file sharing, there are specially created services, such as WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox.

NOT A SOLID.skp (191.0 KB)
I didn’t know that, thank you, this would be the model, I really don’t know what is happening, I don’t see any error that would tell me that it is not a solid

Run the older Solid Inspector. It’ll identify the problem. If Solid Inspector 2 says everything is shiny but SketchUp doesn’t agree, Solid Inspector is a good next step.
Screenshot - 6_14_2024 , 8_09_20 AM

Another clue to the problem is to look for thicker profile edges where there shouldn’t be any. There’s actually a tiny gap at the top of the door.

I would suggest that you could change your process to avoid alll of those vertical edges on the faces in the first place and then you wouldn’t have to chase after the things that prevent the wall object being a solid in the first place.

Out of curiosity why do you have the field of view set so narrrow for the camera?

here it is fixed
used the old solid inspector as dave suggested
SOLID.skp (185.9 KB)

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thanksssss you for the tip!! And what older version should I use? There are so many.

And for the field of view I don’t know in what moment I did that hahahaha

Use Solid Inspector, not Solid Inspector 2. The one that doesn’t say Solid Inspector 2

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please put that in your forum profile.

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Ohh, i will put my version in my profile!!
thanksss you so muchh!!

thanks youuu for the help!!!