No error in solid inspector but still not a solid

1mm - model (1).skp (416.8 KB)

I have made this object and I ran it through solid inspector 2. The result showed no error. but when I check the group, it still wasn’t classified as a solid. Any help?

I would start by breaking the model up into various parts / groups, it is easier to locate / correct problems that way.

You can try scaling it up by a factor of 10x (or even 100x) and check it again, there have been occasions where this has helped.

There was a place on the side of the central cylinder with two overlapping faces.

There are also some reversed faces which you’ll need to correct. Set face style to Monochrome so you can see them. The exposed back faces were painted with a white material which does nothing to fix the orientation and only serves to mask the problem.

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thanks for that! I have now fixed the model.

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