Solid Inspector shows good but it is not solid

Hi forum,

I have spent a couple hours to figure out what is going on with this model. Hopefully, someone can help me out. It was a model I imported from STL file. No matter how I do it, I just cannot make it solid. The Solid Inspector, however, showed it solid. I am using Sketchup 2017.

test.skp (277.2 KB)

I didn’t see what was preventing it from being solid. SketchUp doesn’t identify it as solid although Solid Inspector 2 does although Solid Inspector 2 is good, it isn’t infallible. I exploded the group and remade it. Then SketchUp reported it as solid.

That is curious. I think @thomthom might want to look at the model, to see why solid inspector sees it as good, and yet SketchUp doesn’t show a volume.

I also noticed in the original model, while editing the group, it couldn’t be closed by clicking outside the group box. Only right click > close group would work.

Delete double-face

Using the older Solid Inspector (not SI2) shows a problem in a rounded corner, here:

With Xray view turned on, there appears to be a tiny face missing.

Not missing, but duplicated (see @mihai.s post above). Double face shows whiter in Xray mode.
Redrawing one edge of the hole appears to fix it and SU reports it then as a solid group.

It’s possible that exploding and remaking the group ‘heals’ the hole.

Thanks everyone for the fast response. I learned something from each of you. I confirm that exploding, then regrouping solved the problem.

One of my most often used plugins is Fixit 101 it can be useful for so many things.
Fixit 101


Thanks. Just installed Fixit 101.