How to convert this shape into a solid one?

Hi everybody.

I’d like to know how to convert a shape like this one in a solid one.
I tried with outer shell with no result.
Does anyone know the correct way to do something like this?
I think I did more steps than it was necessary.

(I had doubts about recording a .gif or a video).


Thanks in advance.

Your modeling method is poor and you are creating the internal faces that prevent it being solid.

Delete those unneeded faces as you go and instead of healing faces by drawing across the holes, trace an edge segment. Or better, just erase the the edge of the hole.


Thank you.

I also tried deleting them as I go but I think I’m doing wrong.
For example, for the first step (I think it can be applied for the rest of the model) I tried it like this with no success:


You’re deleting the face to soon.

Is it something like this what do you recommend?


Evidently you didn’t look at the animated GIF I made for you or follow what I wrote.

You could just draw the profile and use Follow Me, instead.

You’re right.

I’m afraid it probably takes a little time (maybe 30 secs) to be able to see gifs upload by other users, it’s not the first time I noticed this.

EDIT: My apologies.

No worries.

Another way would be to start with the large diameter first. I used Offset to make the smaller diameters but you could use the circle tool.

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I thought about that possibility too and I was almost sure it would work, but then I thought "I want to feel free to start the drawing from the point I feel like."
After watching how you did, I have no doubt about the steps you followed are the right ones, I’m a person who likes to know alternative ways to do the same thing, for example the last method you showed, so I really appreciate that :wink:

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