Can Anyone Help Show Me How to Create this Shape?

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Im trying to make this shape and can not figure it out.

You mean the shape of the parcel?
You would need a few more dimensions for that…
Or you could make an image of that PDF and import it and trace over it…

what more dimensions would you need I can send you a link to parcel website would that help?

You would need to know some of the angles of the corners or diagonals…
And the radius of the bottom arc…

here is a screen shot of the area father away

I am trying to replicate Parcel # 13-026-012

That doesn’t provide more information than your first screenshot…

  1. Bring that image into sketchup.
  2. Trace the shape on the image with the line and arc tool.
  3. Group the traced shape.
  4. Go into the the group and Scale the shape with the tape measure tool using the 70’ known dimension.

I am unable to get those angles or arc without accessing the original plot plan. I also would like to avoid that because it costs money.

Im going to try this

I think @tweenulzeven ‘s first suggestion is your best bet. Import the pdf into SketchUp, make sure it is scaled properly, and then trace the perimeter with line and arc tools. Otherwise, lengths of four sides (especially when one is an unspecified curve) is not sufficient to define a unique shape.

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I appreciate everyone’s help with this I am new to this program and it means a lot to have a a responsive forum like this.


It’s what @tweenulzeven said but spelled out, if it works, give him the checkmark.

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As tweenulzeven, says…import the image and trace over it. It doesn’t matter what size you import it, because after you’ve traced it you take the tape measure and measure one of the straight edges…the longest one would be best for accuracy. Immediately you’ve measured it, ignore what the measurement is and just type the actual amount,…121.74’ followed by Enter. You’ll then be asked if you want to resize the model. Say yes. You can then check the other 3 sides for accuracy, knowing that the one you just measured is spot on.


Then tracing is the way to go…

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I should add that you can only do the resize thing in a clean model…or in a group. If you’ve already got stuff in the model, then group the imported image and tracing and measure it inside the group. That way it will only rescale the group, not the entire model.

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I DID IT! Now I want to show you guys but is there a way to show the length of the arc using the dimensions tool?

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Not that I know off, but if you select the arc then entity info will show the length and radius of the arc…

I want to display the length of it. I am using this drawing to submit a plan to the local township and it helps but having the same dimensions displayed as the flood plane viewer. They use the flood plane viewer pictures to verify the dimensions on the plan.

Here is the best I could do. The arc is broken into 12 segments so I can display the dimensions of each segment. If anyone knows a way to display actual length of the arc let me know! Thanks for the help everyone!