Can someone make this shape for me or show me for the future

Hi there, I have this shape I am trying to make, it has a curve on it and I am not aware of how to make shapes in SketchUp with these types of curves, any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Is the shape all in one flat surface? If not, we need at least one more photo from a different angle to work out what you are trying to draw.

If it is flat, then if you haven’t already, check out the tutorials at and the Sketchup Square One series on YouTube to learn how to use the Arc tool.

If the curves aren’t arcs, you might need a Bezier Curve plug-in.

And if the shape isn’t flat, probably the Curviloft plug-in or something similar.


here are three different angles, i am trying to design some canards for my car, with this shape i just need to smoothen off the rough edges but arent sure how

Do you want in effect to round off the sharp edges?

If so, Fredo’s Round Corner plug-in might work for you.

Your images look like a SketchUp model. If so, can you upload the model here?

(By the way, what is a ‘canard’ for a car? I know that a canard for an aeroplane can be a small wing surface at the front.)

canard.skp (3.3 MB)

my extension for fredos round corner ran out a long time ago and i havent found a new one since. it is the same concept on a car just above the front bumper

Too late here in UK for me to look at tonight on my computer, but I’ll look tomorrow.

thank you