Need some help for rounding corners on a weird shape

Hey there im currently doing an object design project for my school, im fairly new on sketchup and I really can’t find my way to have the result that I want.

Basically I want the triangle kinda shape to have round corners, on the pics the corners are pointy and I need to make the whole thing smoother. I’m really clueless on how am I going to do this.

If someone with more knowledge could give me some advices it would be greatly appreciated !

Thank you for you time !

Depending on the shape and what exactly you want to achieve, you can use Fredo Curviloft or FredoCorner/RoundCorner.



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Thank you ! I actually tried and ended up not succeding because i think that i built my shape a bit differently from yours, however i managed to “cheat” a bit and just tried the plugins on a triangle that i just ended up putting over the initial bases of my shape it looks like this :

I actually like they way it looks but if i was able to round the edges of my triangle to make it look like yours on the second video it would be awesome but again i cant find my way to do so.

You’re welcome!

You did not provide any information about how you created that shape or what it actually looks like.
With the help of the Fredo Curviloft extension, you can probably make your model look like the one you saw in the animated gif, but you have to search and follow the tutorials and learn how to use it.

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