Help with rounding over complex shape

I’m designing a model glider for 3d print and I want to round over the edges on the relative complex shape.

I used round corner which churned away for ages and has left me with hours of clean-up.

I’ve tried removing the round with follow me bit it wont go all the way around.

is there a better way or is it just a case of spending hours cleaning up the round corner overhangs.

How large is your model?

I would probably use an extension like Round Corner of FredoCorner to do the radiused edges.

Its about 2m long but working at 500x scale at the moment. I have used round corner but as there are complex contours it has left me hours of cleaning up overhangs.

It shouldn’t take hours to clean up. Soften the edges so you can select surfaces and delete them. That would speed things up. Welding edges will also help.

Why a scale factor of 500? That’s odd.

I’d be more inclined to make a wireframe and use Fredo’s Curviloft or Tig’s Extrusion Tools to skin it. Or going a step further Thomthom’s Vertex Tools and SuBD.

That looks messy, I would also do what Box is suggesting, you’ll have a better topology without having to clean it up.

Here is a very simplistic version of what I mean using Curviloft. I have thrown the wireframe together just using the two point arc tool with no attempt at accuracy.
GIF 22-03-2024 3-14-57 PM

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Glider (planor) with quads and subdivision modeling - clean topology (Vertex Tools, QuadFace Tools, SUbD)


Thats great, many thanks I will look into some of these. I cant go too mad as i am building to a plan. this is going to be 3d printed, carbon glass skinned and will fly.

This is the balsawood version

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