Rounding complex corners

I’ve converted a drawing via BMP tracer, scaled it and extruded. Now I want to round the corners but because of the random sharp edges, Fredo6 round corner has overlap issues. Whats a good workaround for this? I want to bevel or round the outer-most edge to be 30.
Thanks for any info.

LaurasHairThing.skp (1.9 MB)

Create the 2D drawing more carefully and then you should be able to make beveled edges.
3D model - LHT-redraw.skp (1.1 MB)

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I believe that Fredo 6 Round Corner can also produce a chamfer or try using follow me to chamfer the edges.

I do thankyou for the effort you have put into project. Although, for future projects, I will still need a solution for tight corners that potentially overlap when performing a bevel.

Both run into the same issues. Too tight of corners and overlaps confuse the plugin.

As we have been advised by the sages. Scale the model way up 10, 30, 50 or more times then the corners will not be tight. and scale it back down afterwards to the size you want.

The model is currently scaled up to 6000" wide

You need to reduce the offset distance in the tool bar until you’re happy with it. The offset is shown graphically as a green line.

I also think you should scale up your model 10 X, then make your chamfers. Once done back down .1X. SU has issues with things that are too small. Scaling up fixes that issue.

The reality is no amount of scaling or reducing the chamfer is going to fix your issue. As @mihai.s has pointed out you need to smooth the curves you are working with. What you have is far too jagged to ever give a clean result.
If you intend to do this with other designs you need to adjust your workflow.
If this is a one off then it’s a very simple design to trace,
The flower is a radial array of one petal easily drawn with the arc tool.
The other detail can also be drawn with the arc tool, once, then a linear array and mirror.

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