Rounding corners on a flange


Ok, i am still learning the workings of sketchup. I have been using the fredo corner for about two days now and i LOVE it!. Since i am still new to some more advanced things, i am running into an issue with the plugin on a particular surface. Its a flange that is connected to the gear box. I am using the bevel and or round option from fredo corner.

I have made sure to scale the object to 1000 times bigger than it was to ensure that any issue with tiny faces would be limited.

I know alot of this has to do with the fact that SU is like modeling with paper:)

Here is screen capture: It works on both small flanges with no issue:),

gear box.skp (1.2 MB)

Please note, im not trying to be complicated… I promise. Just learning cool new things:) haha




Once you have the surface covering your opening, select all, right click and intersect selection.

The delete the surface or surfaces over the opening.

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ok, that worked. What was going on?

Thank you



Rough explanation - you deleted geometry covering part of the hole, so SketchUp had to make a decision on whether you wanted the hole open or closed, it decided you wanted it closed or at least gives you less work to do if you wanted to keep it closed.

This happens a lot as you add complexity to models.

Fortunately, the solution is simple.

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ohh, ok, so when i used the plugin, it deleted some of the edge geometry of that circle. Then when solid inspector2 fixed the hole, it made the flange an external or “floating” face, hence when i click on the new creaetd face, it actually selects the main body of the gear box. Then when i select everything and intersect with selection, its taking any floating or external face and intersecting it with the selection:) I did try intersect with model and context with totally different results haha.

My guess for the reason it happened, the rounded edge of the main gear box is .25, which is very close to the edge of the bevel, maybe causing some colision issues:)