Fredo Corner - Struggling


I’m hoping someone can help, (@DaveR, please :wink: ).

I’m really struggling with Fredo Corner.

I’ve attached a Model and an error report generated by Fredo Corner.

I’m simply trying to Fillet the internal corner. Most of the time it just beeps at me when I try to select the internal radiused corner. Then generates and error report, and then sometimes bugsplats.

I really struggle with this plugin. As can be seen, I’ve scaled the component up 1000 times.

Spent an hour trying to fillet this corner.

Any help would be much appreciated.

(This is why, @DaveR, I am amazed by that last piece of work you posted, as I can not even get this to add one fillet).

Fredo Corner Example.skp (1.9 MB)

Ruby Error - FredoCorner - 12-Apr-19 13:23:34.txt (1.1 KB)

Then, when I can get it to do something…

When it does that to me, I just mute the sound. :smiley:

Sorry. Couldn’t help it.

Would this be acceptable?

I’m guessing the issue comes when you try to use the same radius for the fillet that you used for the bend in the main plate. This creates a problem due to the way the edges come together. I used a 3500mm radius and it works fine. Even at 3800 it works.

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Hi @DaveR

Completely stumped!!!

How the hell!!???

That’s exactly what I want.

Just uploaded an image of what I’m getting, and that was with a radius of 1000.


UPDATE: So, I’ve found that if I open the Component for editing, it gives different results, and seems to work ok, although it does report that it is not a Solid Afterwards.

I’m not sure why you are getting that. I just redid the entire thing and radius the three intersect edges in one go at 3800 and it works fine. Doesn’t like 4000 for some reason.

I’ve been opening the component for editing all along.

You might fine it is easier if you soften the edges bordering the bend and then weld the edges you want to fillet along the gusset so you make sure all of the edges get selected. I generally preselect the edges I want to fillet before running the extension but that shouldn’t matter as long as you have all of them selected.

FWIW, I wind up with a solid component when done.

I’ll see if I can ping Fredo6 and see if he has any thoughts as to why 3800 works for the radius but 4000 doesn’t.

I just redo your bracket from scratch and ran Fredo Corner with a 4000 radius. No errors. It works fine now. I suspect there’s something that got corrupted during your attempts.

Should there be a fillet across the top of the gusset?

Mmmmm, got it to work in a manner.

Pre-selecting the edges caused one Bugsplat…

So, reopened and tried again, and seemed to work, although it does not give me a Solid, as can be seen by the attached. Odd edges appearing in the holes, which I clean up using Solid Inspector 2.

Weird edges on the holes. I’m not sure why those are showing up. I wonder what caused the Bug Splat, too. Did you submit it?

Hi @DaveR

I don’t need one on top of the gussett for this.

You’re just going to send me 101 different fillets now, to make me jealous :wink: :wink: :wink:

Thank you for your help on this. Really appreciated. The Jedi Knight of Sketchup.

No, didn’t bother to be honest. Just wanted to get it restarted so I could sort this.

Cynically, I resign myself to it being a Mac thing.

It may also have been caused by the way I modelled the Component, as I didn’t originally have the strengthening Gusset in place, but had to add it as I’ve changed the spec of the Component required. It’s a Cleat for Roof System, to attached Z Purlins too.

I created the gussett, then added in and Intersected with faces etc.

Nah… I’ll stop now. :smiley:

You’re quite welcome. Not sure what I did to help other than show it works here. Hopefully you’ve got what you need now.

I suppose you could be right and it’s a Mac thing. Maybe a rotten apple core. I’m a little curious as to how you modeled the bracket up to the point of adding the fillets. I wonder if there’s something we did differently that caused the different behaviors. Clearly there’s something because my redrawn version of the bracket didn’t throw the error with Fredo Corner at 4000 like yours did.

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Ooh! Maybe there’s a clue. I copied the outside surface of yours so I wouldn’t have to draw the holes from scratch but I drew the edges, and inside faces with the Line tool and used Push/Pull and Move to create the gusset.

FWIW, I suppose you could avoid the little faces across the holes by leaving the holes until after the fillets are made.

Ha ha! Probably.

Originally, I modelled the profile, as it was simple L shape, so I included the External and Internal Radii in the profile, (albeit 12 edges to the arcs), before Push/Pulling it. Added the holes and all good.

Then, as I had to the change the Specification, I need the Cleat version with the central support gussett. So modelled the support in place, Cut it, and then Pasted in Place, then Intersect with Faces to get rid of what I didn’t need, and to create those internal junctions.

I noticed on your Gif that you did not model the internal corner, but let Fredo sort it.

Anyway, massive help. Shown different ways of achieving the result needed. Thank you.

See, this is why you need to do Tutorials.

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Yes. I wanted to see if Fredo Corner would have any problem with it on my redrawn copy. To be honest, if I was modeling that bracket entire from nothing, I’d probably have made Fredo Corner put the outside radius on it, too.

We’ll see about a tutorial on this kind of thing. Right now it’s back to plans for a wheelchair accessible stand for a wood lathe.

Brilliant! Would be good to see that when it’s done.

Well thank you again.

And for me, back to finishing this model for Building Control.

Thank you. Have a great weekend.

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