How do you guys create fillets (not rounds)


Ello all. I have the following and i would like to add a fillet between the flange and the main body. what is the fastest way to do so?

flange.skp (143.7 KB)



so far the only way i have been able to do it is draw the cross section of the fillet and then use the follow me tool BUT it leaves a surface boarder that is a PAIN to deal with for making solids



Fredo’s Round Corner.



well that makes it simple. I need to install that. I used to have it a while back but never used it so i got rid of it. I have been practicing with doing things natively for so long i forgot about certain tools haha.

Ok, while im on this topic. Here is a screen cast of me trying it with follow me tool and i keep getting this error:




I can’t see what might be causing your issue, it works for me on your model.



Ok, i think i found the issue on mine. When i made the lines, i did not have them exactly on a axis, so they were a little scatty-whompus. I thought i had them infered and locked down using the arrow keys but i must have just forgotten that step.

Thanks for helping me out with this. I am going to get that extension now. it looks like a time saver.
Can fredo handle a verticle edge meeting a horizontal edge such as the one i am showing here?

flange.skp (232.3 KB)
thanks a ton



Yes, and his newer Fredo Corner handles them even better.

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im watching a video on it from sketchup essentials. I did not know he had an updated version. this is great news:)



It’s a separate version that will become a payed one after beta testing, the free RoundConer will be continued too.



awesome. i need to contact the creaqtor, i think i found a bug because ruby keeps freakin out on me on rounding a slot.




What do you mean Ruby keeps freaking out? Upload the SKP file and let us see what you’ve got going on.

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when i try to use the tool on some slots, it sometimes, not all the time, brings up the ruby debug screen giving me alot of errors. I cant get it to always happen but it does. here is the file

gearbox.skp (814.0 KB)

for the above file, the slots on the base, i try to round just the radi of the slots and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. I try to round all edges and its the same. sometimes it likes it and sometimes it doesnt.

I have tried to recreate the error, but now im just getting cut geometry. The radius i am using is 0.13.

If i can get ruby to come up again, ill for sure take a screen shot.






I saw the error message while rounding only one of the four slots. the other three worked fine. I don’t know why there’s a problem but the first error indicated a problem with the material. I removed the material from the entire model and that slot rounded fine, too.

I think we’ve talked about this before but it’s best to avoid applying materials until the geometry is completed.

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I could have forgotten that you told me. It does not ring a bell, however, i have noted thta now.

EDIT: I need to reword the above. You probably told me but i didnt register it in my brain. Because it seems super foggy to me haha

Whats odd is in the new gif i posted, with no material and a solid object, you can see how it removes geometry or errors out on me. I can do one corner at a time, with it removing a face, but if i try two corners, it doesnt like it.



Not sure what to tell you. It’s still in development, though. Save the TXT file of the error message and send it to Fredo6 along with the SKP file so he can have a peek. Might be a problem he can sort out.

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i can do that:) i do know its still in beta and to be honest, imglad this is happening because i feel like im helping out by having this happen. Because i want to buy this plugin once it is ready:)



It’s difficult to reproduce, because this kind of bug happens when you do an Undo within the RoundCorner session.

From you model and video, I understand that you wish to round the base and 4 vertical edges, and that you did so for 3 vertical edges and get an error when trying to process the 4th vertical edge separately.

The best would be to UNDO the whole rounding (use the Repair red icon), and then process the rounding of all edges.

I also suggest you reduce the degree of the squircle, 3 or 3.5 instead of 4. Otherwise, considering the small scale of your model, you get a long triangular void on the lateral faces.




Ah, ok, i see what you are saying. Tha ks for that tip. I will use yhe repair option to fix all edges, then re-apply the round corner.

Thank you much for this plugin. I love it. Can you use it to do a fillit like my OP to add material?