Fillet for rocket fin can

I have SU Pro, and i have made a 3 inch fin can for a high powered rocket. I am trying to figure out the best way to add a fillit to where the fin meets the can. I have tried freedo corner and it works ok, but wondering what else i can do

fin can ideas.skp (414.5 KB)

Draw an arc at the bottom and use Push/Pull to extrude it.

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ill give that a go. Freedo was doing ok, but some issues. Ill try the arc method and see what happens. Is there any other extensions that do simular to round/freedo corner? I dont have round corner at the moment.

You could try Bevel from Mind Sight Studios. It’s got some cool features that Fredo Corner and Round Corner don’t have. I find all three of them really useful, though.

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thank you, ill give that a go as well. Gotta make these fins strong as it experiences 32 G’s and 600N in 0.57 seconds haha

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You could think about SUbD
GIF 28-03-2024 12-41-11 PM

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Now thats an interesting way of doing it. Ill try that out too. Thanks for that.

dang, apparently i installed subd a while back, never used it and my trial expired hahaha.

was there a similar extension to this… quad face or something?

Quad face tools is also an extension from ThomThom, the same developer of SubD.
There’s also another plugin that can make subdivisions, it’s called Artisan but it’s $99 per year. SubD with vertex tools and Quad face tools can do the same as artisan not forcing you to get a subscription.

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subd is requiring me to pay for it, but im guessing its a one time fee of $40 rather than a year?

I used to have the older version of artisan and loved it for sculpting stuff like clay. I might still have the older version somewhere

Right, it’s a perpetual license. You must know how to model using quads if you want to achieve good results.

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i dont know how to model with quads, i just need some good fillets to make my fins strong haha