Wade's SubD Gallery - Original Thread* (1st day with SubD/QFT/Vertex Tools!)



These tools are so expletive deleted awesome! I haven’t had this much fun modeling in years.

Quick lunch hour doodle. I am hooked. This is an absolute game changer for me!

Thank you, @thomthom for these incredible tools.

Phantom 3 3D Modeling: Main Frame

I’m very happy to hear this. :smiley: And thank you for posting back the example of your lunch hour work. (That’s actually something several people said to me, they do some modelling during lunch - that’s some mighty productive lunches people have!)

Do you mind if I post back this example on the SUbD facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/SUbD4SketchUp/

I’ll provide whatever link-back you want in the credits. That’s a lovely model.


I’m new to 3d modeling. Been working with SU for three weeks now. Would be great to see a demo of how you made that bottle with Vertex Tools. I watched the videos on the extension page. I also downloaded it. Reading the manual as I play around with it this evening. I’m sure it’s capable of far more then I can even imagine at this point. :slight_smile:


@appliancejunk, you may want to learn to crawl before learning to walk. In other words, learn how to layup the bottle with SU’s native tools. Besides lathing out a shape with the Follow Me, you can use Push/Pull, Scale and Move to get the same thing with lots of tweaking options. See this bulbous form for one example and scroll down to see the kidney bean tutorial. A lot of things can be done with the tools that come with SU.

I like sculpting low-poly in part because there are less faces/edges to deal with. But if I need to 3D print something, then high-poly rules and extensions like SubD can be applied to my low-poly models. And I’m currently putting together a tutorial on modeling an ornate, traditional drawer pull using native tools with the intent to use the lowish-poly model with a subdivision extension.


Yeah, that sounds like a good idea to me too.

Awesome link, thanks!

I started out three weeks ago wanting to learn how to use SU for 3d printing. I will keep working with the SU native tools for now.

When I first seen this post and then check out the extension I thought it could be a short cut to things I wanted to draw. But I see now that’s it’s really a tool for more experienced users.



Go right ahead! I don’t need credits, thanks man!


Playing with some simple forms to make a “cycle”. - Rendered in Thea and post in PS.


Well done, @Wade!

SubD thumbs up!


Thanks, @TheOnlyAaron! That’s excellent.


Nice Aaron, but give it a try with less rings and more creasing.:slight_smile:


I know… my quad models end up with a LOT of quads… I like to get my money’s worth, I guess…

But I was inspired by @wade, as I have been spending my lunch hours teaching myself quad modeling and SubD/VT/QFT as well.


A fist is one of the things I’ve been meaning to model.
Get the loops right and crease the individual vertices and you can create the knuckles…


Hands are hard… mostly because we all spend SO much time looking at them all day.

I just did this real quick (about 10 minutes) for Wade. I might need to start over and try your method… I usually see how I could have optimized my quads AFTER I have already added multiple loops.


Goofing around with some H.R. Giger style techniques.


Hello all, I am an experienced SketchUp modeler in the Architectural field but new to Quad or Quadface modeling. I am trying to find the best way to get started and advance this skill to use on furniture, etc that i often end up custom building for very specific interior scenes.

SubD is Amazing ThomThom! It has inspired my to bite the bullet and finally buckle down and learn proper quad modeling but i have many questions. I have been googling but figured i’d ask before wasting too much time.

  1. What exactly is the proper terminology? Quad Modeling?

  2. Is there a site or resource with tutorials specific to SketchUp or even generic concepts using any program that help get started with basic concepts like loops, rings, creasing, etc? Is there a forum post here or pushpull, etc that is devoted to learning this type of modeling?

  3. Sketchup Tools: I have quadface tools, Artisan, SubD that seem particular to these tasks. What are the other scripts commonly used?

  4. ive heard of the following and wonder if these are also recommended: split sausage, split donut, Color N-gons, Quadrilateralizer

  5. Are there any books you could recommend? i would really like to learn the proper way.

Thanks in advance for any responses. I really enjoy and rely on forums like this and hope that others who are interested in this may benefit also.


Robert A. Christman


I was in the same boat as you and these are the resources I used to start learning.

I think Vertex Tools is a necessary companion to SubD & QFT (I can’t imagine not having it now).

I read through a few forum threads on Sketchucation & watched this video series before I purchased these tools.

SubD Examples & Models - http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=397&t=63826
SubD & Quad Workflow - http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=397&t=63915


Are you attending Bootcamp? If you are, there is this class


Thanks for the quick response. This is a great start. I will jump in and hopefully organize a collection of these links and descriptions to publish somehwere. Id like to get all of this in one place. So dang helpful.

I cant make it to bootcamp this year but that class looks perfect. Feel free to drop any other helpful info/links here and i will try to organize and categorize the info.


Robert A. Christman


I’m looking forward to it!


Oh man… @Box is coming? I hope the guy doing that class knows what he is doing…