3DSLASH (entertaining video)

I was looking through a list of 3D programs and found 3DSLASH. It’s cool how the extrusions are animated & kinda made me laugh. It kinda reminded me of the arcade version of SketchUp for Schools, with the sound effects. I figured I’d share.

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I also discovered Sculptris, but can’t figure out how to import the .OBJ’s into SketchUp Make…

It’s my first time…

Use Blender as a go between, most importantly to optimize the mesh, try using the decimate modifier to reduce the poly count, then export in a format that Make can import.

Ed: If you are able to try Sculptris with a Graphics Tablet, do so! You will be flying in no time…

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Thanks for the help. It worked!
It’s really exciting to be able to create 3D characters (for free!) for SketchUp models.

Out of interest, how was the file size pre/post importing into SketchUp if you tried?

The .dae is 1.1 MB. After importing, the .skp was 4.3 MB.

Nice, not so bad, did you use any plugins in SU or just soften edges?

I just used soften edges. Prior, I reduced the poly count in Blender like you recommended. Sculptris is a really fun program!

Oh cool, yeah it’s a good tip, Blender can be a pain in the butt to learn but even if you use it for that function alone it’s priceless. Now that I have moved from freelance back to full time i’ve setup to pay them £5 a month.

I am hoping that between SketchUp, Thea, Blender, Mudbox and Unreal Engine I will be set for the next few years…!

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