Convert from .max into .3ds

Could somebody convert a .max to .3ds file type so I could open it up in SketchUp? If so, hope to hear back and I’ll send the .max file via PM on here.

If you are a student you can download the 3ds max student version and then import the model into max as long as you don’t go against the T&C while you have the student version (of making profit from the student version) then you should be good.

Otherwise there are no known convertors anymore, at least to me. There used to be one for Blender many years ago.

Yeah and okay.

Does anybody have 3DSMAX installed? My student version is still trying to install, been 4 hours and I need to convert the .max file into a .3ds. Can somebody do that for me who has the software? I’ll send the .max file if so.

I dont think that many Sketchup users are also running 3ds max, you may have better luck here:

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