.MAX to SketchUP

hi there! I have a .max file that I need to import to SketchUp. I work with Mac system.
does any good soul have a tip on how to do it or can convert the file for me?

I don’t think that .MAX files will import into many applications. Not even other Autodesk applications. Here’s what Autodesk say about it:

“The native 3ds Max .MAX file format is a complete scene format, which contains all the components and references to scene contents within that file. As such, a .MAX file can only be opened directly by a compatible version of 3ds Max.”

Anyone who is sending you a .MAX file hopefully has 3ds Max, and could send you a Collada file instead, which SketchUp can import.

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Sketchup can import .3ds files, but .max is complicated to open from any other software but 3ds Max.