Import max file in SketchUp

I have download a max file from some website and i want to import that file in sketchup. There is no option fro max file other options present (autocad, image, 3ds,etc). How can i import that file.

What is the file extension?

its only .max

I cant attach the file plz download the file from the link given
its zip file and in that there is a file with .max extension

Max files are useless unless you actually have Max installed on your system. AFAIK even highly expensive file converters like Deep Exploration can’t do the job unless that is the case.

Here is a Collada version of that scene, that should import into SketchUp Make:

You will notice that a lot of faces are transparent, that’s because of difficulties in exporting the materials from 3DS Max. You have the original material images from the RAR file, I’m hoping you can bring those into SketchUp and replace the corresponding material in the Collada model SketchUp scene.

thanks for converting the file and sending. but after importing file to sketchup i have send the screen shot it doesnt match to the original the lamp is rotated upside down and much more and some object are disappeared

Glad you got that far. You should just fix it in SketchUp. Use the rotate tool to fix the lamp.

The many see through areas that you’ll see need to be fixed by changing the material those parts are using.

y there is much difference from the original file and importing in sketchup y its not same object shape i dont get . Is there any other good and easy to import the model same as it seen in other software. Converting that file into sketchup

Any model in 3DS Mac is likely to use a lot of 3DS specific features, that don’t work anywhere else. Also, this file uses a lot of illumination files that won’t work outside of 3DS.

I don’t know why Autodesk keep .max as a proprietary file format.

There are more advanced conversion tools, but those require that you have 3DS Max installed. I would just try to fix the SketchUp model.

Like I said, you can’t import max files into any software unless you have Max actually installed. It’s not a mesh format like 3ds, obj, dae etc. It’s a Max scene file and has loads of extra info in it such as lights, cameras, animation and other Max-specific special effects, as @colin has said.
Repeated components can turn up in all kinds of weird ways. Sometimes there’s only the original one present and all the others are missing. Sometimes all the copies are piled-up in the same place. I’ve seen cars where all 4 wheels are stacked under the same wheel arch.

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Hi all, finding this thread very useful. I have just received a .max file and i need to convert it to work in sketchup. Annoyingly i’m away on business in China and only have access to my MAC OSX operating system. So unfortunately i’m unable to get 3D studio max so that i can download the plugin and convert the file. Would it be possible for me to send any of you this file in order for you to convert it for me. The project has a tight deadline so i will not be able to wait until i get back on my windows computer. I can provide payment through paypal if any of you deem this necessary, i really hope that someone will be able to help me this problem.

Thanks in advance.