From 3ds max to sketchup

hello guys, can someone please convert this file from Max to Skp?

thankyou very much!!

You need to have 3DS Max to convert Max files to anything. No other software can read them.

That file is not going to work too well in SketchUp, if it’s 150+MB in Max then it’s going to be huge when converted to SketchUp, maybe even unusable.

You can download a trial version of 3ds Max in order to the conversion.

i tryied to convert it, but it comes out without the textures and with a missing faces :\

What is your process for converting it, what format and process are you using?

There are many different ways to from from 3dsMax to SketchUp, not all of them work well.

Can you export the file from 3ds Max as .Obj or .3ds so that I can open it in Blender and have a look?

First i tried to convert it to to .3ds and it comes with a missing elements, and when i converted it to .obj the sketchep stucked when i tried to import it…

I meant can you share the .OBJ with me, I may be able to trim it down enough so that you can open it in SketchUp.

thank you:)

I haven’t noticed yet whether you have said that you have 3DS Max. If you do, you could export to FBX, and with the Autodesk FBX converter you could make a Collada file, that SketchUp might cope with.

By the way, I know a lot of people with 3DS Max, if you could post the max file I could ask one of them to give me an FBX.

What’s the purpose of this model and what do you need to use it for?

Unfortunately this model is not suitable for SketchUp due to the amount of geometry it contains, this is common for cloth and fabric, they render much better in other software. The seams on the pillows and the tassels at the end of the blanket are particular problems.

Ideally you would just remodel this again in SketchUp with a fraction of poly count. You can modify this mesh in Blender or similar in order to make it much smaller, but I would advise to just make it again if you insist on using SketchUp.

My Mac is ok but it wont open this file in SketchUp (3.1Ghz i7, 16GBDDR3, Intel Iris 6100), I can only open it on one of my PC’s that have much better specs (both with high power CPU’s or overclocked, 32GBDDR3, 6GB 980ti / Quadro).

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if you get it imported in SketchUp you may want reduce the polygon count by using the concerning functionality of the commercial ‘Artisan Organic Toolset’ plugin (trial avail.):

You may use extensions, Offcourse
I bet @box would use four:
Quadface Tools, Vertex Tools, SubD and ClothWorks…
In fact, the chair reminds me of one of his models:

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Yes indeed, those are the best choices, I would not fancy my chances of making any noticeable headway without those plugins (although I use Artisan Organic Toolset more then SubD but only because I bought it first).

i cant imort it at all

you can try to reduce the polygon count externally by using the free ‘MeshLab’ application and it’s polygon simplification filters:

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