How Do I Convert This Into Something I Can Use?

Hi guys, a client actually bought this sofa and I need to use it in a render. Don’t feel like making it myself for Sketchup.

It says it is 3dsmax2010 file. Any idea how I can convert it into something usable for Sketchup?

Tell your client to send you the FBX file (not the 3ds Max), then you can import it like this - Import FBX, but it is best to use Transmutr or Skimp instead, to make it lowpoly for SketchUp.

If you only have the 3ds Max file, then open it in 3ds Max and export it as an OBJ file, which is also good to turn into a lowpoly object with one of the previously recommended software.


Ok, I was just going to purchase it from here. Looks like it has an FBX file included? I just didn’t know if I needed a separate program to convert 3dsmax files. I don’t actually have a copy of 3dsmax (I am on a Mac but could probably get access to a PC).

Just watched the vid, makes total sense. Let me purchase this model and see if it comes with an FBX. Thanks for the help!

Thanks for your help Mihai!

Purchased the model.
Downloaded the FBX converter, converted to OBJ.
Downloaded trial of OBJ converter, opened in Sketchup with it.

Skipped the Transmutr or Skimp for now, but will try later if issues in rendering.