How in import heavy .3ds file into Sketchup


I am hoping someone here can help me. I have been sent a rather large and polygon heavy .3ds file. Ive tried to open it with Sketchup and 3DS Max and a few other pieces of software and either the file is too heavy or more then likely my computer isnt heavy duty enough. Does anyone know of a way to reduce the poly count / make the file less heavy for me to be able to open it? At this stage I’m so desperate I will happily pay anyone who thinks they can download it and make it less heavy!!

File located here:

Any suggestions / help is welcome

Kind Regards


Hi @thestratocaster

I opened up the 3DS file in both SketchUp and Blender. Each required close to 4GB of RAM just to parse and convert the 3.3M polygons file so your problems might indeed be from your machine’s specifications.

The complexity is mainly from the numerous trees. I’d suggest you contact the source and have him send you a version withtout the trees and you should be fine, The building in itself is not that complex.