Import 3ds (PHOTOSHOP) in SketchUp


how can I put a 3DS format into SketchUp. It’s a chair from Meridiani and I want to put him in my SketchUp file…

In both your posts you haven’t been clear about what you need.
And you haven’t bothered to respond in the other thread.
Try to be clear with your questions, give as much info as possible and include images and models.
Also try to fill in your profile Fully.

Okay. No problem!

My English is not so good.

I guessed that. But feel free to ask full questions in your own language. We can always translate.
Good questions with images and models will get you good answers. Posting an image with no real explanation or follow up will tend to be ignored.

I’m confused, do you wish to add a 3ds model file or a photoshop image?

I think he wants to take a 3d file that he has opened in PS into SU. PS can open some 3d files now.

That may well be true, but I’m just trying to get to the real solution without guessing and speculation. Not offense to Joelle, happens all the time, so often not enough info.

Photoshop can import 3DS files, and it can export Collada. An easy solution would be to export the model as Collada (.DAE), and those can import into any version of SketchUp.

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Photoshop now lets you create and edit 3D models, not just open them.