Compatible file formats to import

How can I export files from my Photoshop to Sketchup Pro? What is the best format to use? Is it even possible?

Save a .PSD or export a PNG or JPG or BMP or TIF and import that into SketchUp. Works great.
Screenshot - 3_30_2021 , 11_03_17 AM

If you are talking about the 3D model data on Photoshop, the 3D menu has Export 3D Layer…, with these options:

STL would work, but I would use Collada DAE instead. In the import options in SketchUp you should check the box that says to merge coplanar faces.

Ok I’ll give that a try! Thanks

Hi Colin
I don’t think I have the same version of SketchUp as you do I have Pro 2020 and it’s not giving me those import options. The File Explorer is what it goes to. My Photoshop version is not dropping down the options window for me to be able to use it to export. It might help if I tell you what I’m trying to do. I have a 2D drawing that I want to export or import, whichever will work to SketchUp so I can turn it into 3D. If you have any other Ideas that you think might work I would be glad to hear them. Thanks for your reply to my question.

Hi Dave;
I tried all the formats that you suggested and all I got was a message saying that “This does not appear to be a SketchUp Model” Any Suggestions as to what the problem might be?

That message indicates you are trying to open the file as if it was a SketchUp file. You need to use File>Import instead like I wrote yesterday.