Upload Sketchup Into sketchfab.com


I can’t work out how to upload my .skp files into sketchfab.com. I have installed the exporter to SketchUp and it says it has been successful in uploading the file to sketchfab.com but the model does not appear. I can’t seem to do it directly in Sketchfab as it does not support .skp files and I also do not have the option to save these as anything else. Your advice would be much appreciated!


You can have a look at their file formats: https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/202508396-3D-File-Formats

You can export as collada e.g. with the SU Make version.


Thanks Cotty, but when I go Save As in Sketch Up, the only option is .skp so how would I do that?


File -> EXPORT -> 3D model…


Pay attention to the export options on the right side of the drop down screen also.