Export .skp as .psd (or similar)

Can SU Pro 2018 export as a Photoshop .psd image with all skp layers available in psd pic.
I am using SU for a self build housing site layout.
The skp file has many layers such as houses, grass, roads, pavements, side/back fences etc etc.
It would be of great help if I could open the skp in a picture with the same layers.
I would happily upload the skp file to this forum but it is v large 122872 kb
Apologetically; I am an infrequent user of both programmes so any explanation if such exists such be in simple terms

Whereas SketchUp can export 2D graphics of models in several file formats, it does not have built-in ability to create a Photoshop psd file and I am not aware of an extension that adds it.

If you organize your model using SketchUp scenes so that each scene shows a single layer at the same camera and scale (there are extensions that can duplicate camera across scenes), you could export each scene as an image and then import that image onto a distinct layer in Photoshop.

A alternative to exporting 2D graphics is to export Collada, then open that in Photoshop. You don’t keep layers, but you do keep groups and components (which show as instances in Photoshop). Any combination of those can be shown, and you can modify objects inside Photoshop. Here’s how the scene and 3D layers palette looks.



If your photoshop application was part of Adobe’s Creative Suite, you will also have Adobe Dimension. Dimension can import SketchUp files. From Dimension, you can export a .psd. The model’s rendered image comes into PS under its own layer but it also comes along with material selection layer mask (shown in the image below), depth layer mask and an object section layer mask. This might allow you to isolate and work on the textures as if they are on their own layer.

I hope this helps



Thank you all for your interest and suggestions.
I will consider what has been advised.
Again I say thank you.

or you can create the scenes without saving the camera