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I’m new one, here. How can i use 3D Model function? I want to get a .PSD file. As you know, PSD can be used in Photoshop program. Also, I want to get high resolution(Over 300DPI) image fiel through 3D Model function as .PSD.

Thank you for help.

I haven’t used photoshop in some years but I don’t remember it had the option to import 3D files like procreate, if you export to 3D depending on the file extension it can be opened on different 3D softwares, if you want to export a scene of your model to edit it on photoshop, you must export 2D image, there you can choose between different file formats, but not PSD, the best option would be export it to png and from photoshop you can import png’s.

Yet it does, it has for years now. It’s planned to disappear since adobe bought / developed the substance suite, but it can.

it reads 3ds, collada DAE, GLTF/GLB, KMZ, SLT and obj, all of thoses can be exported from sketchup.

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I’m not sure what you mean by that. 300+ dpi is only useful if you plan on printing the 2d photoshop file in the end. therefore it’s your job to adjust the file parameters in photoshop. if you plan on using your work on screens, what matters is the number of pixels. not the dpi resolution.

here, I open an obj file, and photoshop asks me to define my 2d file.

but again, and photoshop will warn you, the 3d tools are becoming obsolete, you should move to the more recent 3d painting apps.

In fact, for colour printing, more than 300 DPI is a waste of resources and disk space. Colour printers (except sublimation printers) use dithering to mix optically 4-colour dots, and to get 300 DPI your printer needs to support something like 2400 DPI. For standard desktop colour laser printers 300 DPI and 150 DPI look practically identical when printed and viewed with a magnifying glass. Colour sublimation printers, like Canon Selphy, also max at 300 DPI.

even further, when you give to the print guy a 300+ dpi he’ll… just reduce it to 300 :smiley:

when I worked at the print shop of the school of architecture, we used to tell student that a 100dpi would look fine from the audience. 150-200 would look fine from the jury’s seat. 300 was only necessary if they stood up and came closer for a look at your mistakes.

making plans and sections with textures and photos (trees, stuff like that)?

is it a general big scale plan ? 100dpi. is it the detail plan that makes your whole project work ? 300.