SketchUp vs. Blender //Game Dev`s

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Been a little bit since being on here… very busy. Just to say a friend of mine wanted a AR-15 to pop into a game engine he is using. He is trying to figure out Blender as he said S-Up is limited… And my point was how much time had he with SketchUp?? He said what he read in forums… I said what forums, he said on line. I said fair enough… Using SketchUp and 30 minutes I sent him this screenshot…

He wants the exported file so bad … SketchUp textures and UV mapping *compared to Blenders built-in functions are challenged. I am learning Blender also but to do a complete scene. For a western OK Coral FPS… from the saloon to the revolver I am glad I have SketchUp!! If you have a Pro license and an imagination Lay Outs Scrapbook and 2D editing abilities. Spritesheets and editing is a challenge but take sometime and you will be amassed at what you can get done. As Lay Out use’s SVG format so with your choice of other open source Art programs/ Inkscape - Gimp. If you don`t have 5 years to figure out Blender… (only kidding but it is tough) and are doing game design. 2D or 3D SketchUp has my vote. Plus it exports into Blender, Substance or 3DMax. Unity takes beautifully and looking into Un-Real Engine.

Happy Sketching whatever you are up to!! Hi DaveR … used the same thing I did for the draw pulls!!


for the AR-15?

Some of the difficulties of Blender include only being able to use shortcuts, obscure command names, and an extremely intricate user interface. I love the fact that Blender is free and has the capabilities of the entire 3D pipeline, but after 1-2 years of reading tutorials I’m still having great difficulty using Blender. I always get more done with SketchUp, except I find it much easier to pose 3D people from MakeHuman in Blender & to do animations in Blender.

P.S. What about a non-violent video game? Coming up with something different from the rest might make your game be more appealing to consumers. When people play video games, they want to have fun. Personally, watching depictions of violence doesn’t bring me joy, but that’s just my opinion. I know a ton of people do like war games, so your game will definitely have a following if you choose that genre.


Hello I was lucky back in 2014, my 2013 Edu. Pro license expired. I was between a rock and a hard place BUT S-UP was $595.95 back then. After Thanksgiving they ran a promo for $100.00 off I jumped on it and have been maintaining my service agreement ($120.00 yearly) ever since. I have no worries making the 120 for side jobs to wipe that out of pocket from me. Also that same deal is going on right now, if you are in continental US. Check it out… in ends the 7th I got this 2 days ago…

The PRO features as in EXPORTING files: dwg / dfx / 3D’s / dea / obj all the other 3D tools use. Plus Lay Out for PDF construction drawings and the Sand Box tools for typograph and don’t forget you can still bring in Google map stuff so… NO not to “just” model the AR-15. But I can make sure it is a Solid- Manifold and export it out as a STL file for 3D printing. They give you a great value and it is up to you to get the most out of it …Peace and good luck with it


I volunteer at my local church, I have a friend that we are doing game stuff… We have a server but Wix // Word Press almost wiped free-lance web dev out. BUT!! we found a back door, plus 10,000 games are DUMPED out daily.
WE have proto’ed a few (works in progress) 2D Bible stories / walk thru’s and we are one Main Campus with 2 satellite campuses. To be supplemented with the other children’s ministry stuff. So 2,500 attendees on a good day collectively. He is “no” church person but is cool, but was like we charge them right.

I said no we host as a browser “game” on our server if the content meets their approval. We link to their “church” app and after service they can continue with it in the car on the head rest screens or device. When the parents who are business owners ask who created the materials being feed to their children.

We step forward and offer out our hand with a list of our payed services: Graphic design, web site-page- blog content- construction plans to pull permits and so on down the line. It is a work in progress, but it has great potential. In our county and next one over, there are 100,000 churches. Word of mouth beats walking and door knocking…
I`ve been sweating my kahunas off in construction and restaurant work long enough… going to work for the Lord is honest…!! And He has a wonderful 401K option, if you get my drift!!!

I to am learning Blender but more for built-in UV mapping // Animations, Unity plays nice with S-UP. As he has link with Arma3 // Bohemia Interactive. They are old school C++ AAA and you need EXACT file paths // Arma Tools and old school long-hand file conversions to even let them CONSIDER giving you a “MOD” extension to load. But I seen that Game in action and it is AAA big time. I have reduced my restaurant work to almost a catering // contractor. Then to just punching the clock 8 to 4 leaving there used and pissed off. Would be cool to sit at home in my boxers with this as a part time option. Net what the catering falls short on. Waiting on the Lord…Have a safe and Enjoyable 4th. I am glad I found the 100 off promo and like you say am more comfortable with S-UP and I know what it can do to supplement the maintainace costs. Making it in a sense… …" FREE "…


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Have a look at the new Datasmith importer for SketchUp > Unreal Engine/Studio, it’s a much better workflow than Unity.

Thanks and will hold that as the next thing to examine… Like I said it is not only me involved my buddy is a bill board for everything new or Enterprised (??) screaming Pipeline-Pipeline-Pipeline or Network this - Network that… I got to keep slapping him as we are 2 guy with ambition an internet connection and the balls to dive in … That also make great soups and sauces and can handle any demo tools and a wheel barrel and heavy broom.

For the bang for the sweat down the crack of my ars. I am content with what HTML5 and CSS3 and its new API in conjunction with JavaScript for web browser game content. What is to come with JavaScript and the “virtual” DOM being worked on now. Opens your minds need to experiment… and since Microsoft seamlessly linked Visual Studio (C#) to Unity, JavaScript is kissed goodbye. All that free code just waiting for a new home ( the complete JavaScript API that comes with all 5.6 and down Unity Scripting Manuals) you used to choose C# or JavaScript… Like I said a little imagination and …what new ideas are going to be the next work flow someone else has to learn in order to be successful And to be better then the Jones next door. I want to be better then I was yesterday… that’s my end game. Peace to ALL and remember to enjoy what you do while wanting to share it or make it available if someone asks you for your help. It keeps it free and makes the experience and the world a better place… OUT and thanks for the tip liamk887!!