SketchUp to Unreal Studio (Datasmith)



Today i got an e-mail and apparently Unreal Engine’s Datasmith workflow has evolved into Unreal Studio and seems SketchUp still not integrated to this process. As @kenpimentel indicated here that SketchUp Team was working with Epic Games, can we say it’s still being developed for SketchUp or not?

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We were delayed starting this by over a month, therefore it didn’t make the Launch. However, we are about a month into the project now and have geometry coming across. Still lots more to do. I think we’ll be in beta within a couple months.


Very stoked to hear this!


yes, very much looking forward to this!


i’ve been waiting years for something like this to happen, my workflow will never be the same again. extremely excited to see this drop into beta! woohoo


Very interested to see this happen too.


Will we be able to directly import an SKP file? Or will we still have to export FBX?


SketchUp plug-in will be used initially to export via Datasmith to Unreal Engine. We’re also considering just a SKP reader, but the plug-in will arrive first. Watch for it in July. If you register for Unreal Studio (free) you’ll get informed when it is available.


I’m very curious about this too. Specially curious on how will sketchup plugin deal with uv mapping.


I cant wait to try this. I can never get a house to import into UE without it just being a huge mess. Would love to drop Lumion and get into live walk thrus and around.


It’s available now in 4.20 Preview. Just go to to register

Remember - it is a Preview and these are known to have issues - so always copy an Unreal project for a preview - don’t move a project to a preview.

The final release will be July 9th.


It has Sketchup support? Sorry I missed that. Going to try it now



Nooooo!! windows only :tired_face:


You can try your luck with bootcamp, however UE can be very resource intensive and doesn’t lend itself to Mac very well with complex scenes.


For now, it is Windows only. While Unreal Engine is on MacOS, Unreal Studio hasn’t been ported yet.


Huh? This isn’t true. A new (2011 and above) Mac can handle UE just fine. Probably will need a decent iMac for bigger homes but thats the same for a PC.


Thats why I didn’t know about it. I don’t use Windows much anymore. The only thing at the moment is actually Lumion. The 2018 version of Autocad is finally pretty good.

I hope you will be porting this to Mac pretty please :slight_smile:


Sorry yes you are right of course, I guess it’s all subjective as to what you are using it for.

I am using it for some pretty heavy models and also VR so unable to run it on a Mac.


I have a new Radeon Pro iMac ( wish I had an iMac Pro) and it handles VR not that I am using that yet but maybe some customers could be convinced to stick on the helmet. I am also using it for some pretty heavy models but not VR. I think they need a super small head unit for Archvis. Many oldschool people are just not going to be willing to wear a helmet.

Hardware is a wash at this point. A Mac and PC can run the same things. Macs are still a bit more but if you do apples to apples they are very close. You have to spend more than 200 bucks on a monitor to get the same screen that iMacs come with.