Out of the Box

Thought I should start a thread for myself here in the gallery to give me somewhere to dump my doodles.
Something simple to start.
Tables made using SUbD, an extension not mentioned enough in this forum.
I need to build these in reality to test how unstable the first one is.


Sorry, should have started with a bit of razzmatazz.


…how unstable, and perhaps how strong are those first table’s support arms. Very cool looking!

I’m glad you added the animated GIF, so that Box goes back into the (expected) box of forum normalcy. :slight_smile:

Yep, totally unstable, suitable only for serving bowls of jelly/jello.


I’ve posted this elsewhere recently but may as well drop it in here too.

A couple of quick rings rendered with Twilight.

And the method I used to make them.



Crazy - in a good way! Gotta love the inventive SketchUp extension-writer community and the creative folks who use them! :slight_smile:


I keep forgetting you are something of a Luddite(when it comes to plugins), It’s a great way to develop your understanding of the fundamentals of the software, and I encourage it.
But, playing with and learning the possibilities of plugins is a dark magic addiction that eventually becomes a white magic regular workflow.
Personally I try never to use a plugin to do something I can’t do manually. But I also try not to waste time when I know there is a shortcut.
It all comes down to personal preference and the intention of your modelling.


Extremely impressive images (hardly doodles methinks!) and instructive. Regardless o the tables stability, or not, I love the spiral shape of the base. Please keep posting 'em.

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@Rightangler have a look here, Gothic Tracery for an oldie but goodie.

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That is just brilliant. How you work all that out and make it look so easy! Off to the pub now to try and work out why I can’t think like that.

How much would it annoy you if I mentioned that I actually made that vid in the pub?


I wouldn’t be annoyed at all. However I would most likely be motivated to seek a deeper understanding of my shortfalls from the bottom of a glass :eyes:

Maybe I need to consider being less than sober when I use SU?:grapes:

A coffee break exercise in working out the logic of how to display a gold chain necklace.
Using SUbD to create the manikin and the chain links.
Then a quick Twilight render. Think it’s a bit dark, because one of my monitors is bright and the other dark, so I never know what is best.


There’s a few more details on the construction methods over at Sketchucation for anyone interested.


Just started on a printable Prayer Nut. This one will take a while.


That’s a very interesting, nice design!

A quiet Saturday arvo literary joke.
Little Edgar’s first birdcage.



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How refreshing, creative, inspiring…keep posting, please.
I am spending my days, every day… designing spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, on tight deadlines, then revising after client feedback, then laboring through layout to publish shop and construction drawings for trades. SU makes the process so much more effective than the days of 2H lead, vellum and yellow trash but it’s still a grind… I’d love to have the time to “doodle”. Keep it up !